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Live Happy

Dennis Hutchinson —  October 13, 2015

There are probably a dozen things that can sap your strength in a given day.  Maybe more.  But Karol Nickell with Live Happy Magazine says they don’t have to sap your happiness.


About 50% of our happiness is based on genetics.  About 10% of our happiness has to do with environment.  So if you have a financially sound environment – great – you’ll be happier.  If you don’t, that’s not going to add to your happiness mindset.  However, you have another 40% left over – & that 40% is a lot about personal choice.  I choose to be happy, that’s number one.  I choose to do happy things, that’s number two.  I choose to have people around me that are happy, number three.  These are all choices we can make every day.

Karol also says there’s an obvious difference between short term happiness & long term joy, but faith is a cornerstone for both.  & studies show we grow increasingly happier as we age.  More at

Lies Couples Believe

Dennis Hutchinson —  October 13, 2015

Expectations – Reality = Disappointment.  No matter how often we hear that, we still have a tendency to build things up in our mind about how they’re supposed to be.  That’s true in our jobs, it’s true at church, & it’s certainly true in our marriages.  Dr. Chris Thurman says it’s time to call out those lies we tell ourselves.


One of the lies that I took into my own marriage to Holly, was the way that “I know the way to do things” and “You need to do them the way I think they should be done” and “otherwise you’re doing them wrong.”

In The Lies Couples Believe, Dr. Thurman takes aim at those faulty expectations, & says getting rid of the lies & living the truth can heal your marriage.  The truth will set you free.

Brain Lunch

Dennis Hutchinson —  October 13, 2015

So how’s the new school schedule treating you so far?  Sometimes in all the busyness it can be easier to just grab the pre-packaged stuff for Junior’s lunch, but Dr. Chris Mohr says there are some tricks that may help.


Number one is making sure you have some protein in there.  Most people pack lots of carbohydrate-based foods, but very little proteins.  So things like nuts and cheese.  My daughter likes salmon jerky or chicken jerky even.  One of our tricks that we do is we freeze the Greek yogurt tubes that are high in protein – we freeze those, and add them to their lunch – therefore they actually act almost like a, defrosting through the day, like a little ice pack as well.

Dr. Mohr says that those protein foods, like fruits & veggies, can also double as brain food.  You can get more tips at his website,

Investing In Teens

Dennis Hutchinson —  October 13, 2015

What is it that happens to your soft, sweet little baby when he turns into a teenager?  It’s no picnic for him either, and parent/author Dennis Trittin reminds us to not just spend time with our kids, but invest it.


Distractions are becoming an issue, but busyness is probably one of the biggest factors.  Obviously the culture is changing in a negative way as well, and so we have to do our best to provide our children armor to be able to stand up for their values, and use those values as a way of managing all of their relationships.

& he reminds us we’re not raising kids, we’re raising, hopefully, responsible adults.  More at ParentingForTheLaunch.

Let’s make this a faith-filled Fall!

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