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God-Big Bang

Dennis Hutchinson —  March 31, 2015

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to believe that God created the heavens & the earth, but if it did – we’ve got one.  Dr. Leslie Wickman says science proves a Creator.

GOD of BIG BANG              :28                                          Q…FULL OF ATOMS.

Some of my friends at Reasons To Believe have done some calculations of the probabilities of getting everything just exactly right.  By some estimations it’s on the order of 1 chance in 10 to the 280th power, and to put that number into perspective, the universe only has 10 to the 80th atoms in it.  So that number is way beyond just picking the right single atom out of a universe full of atoms.

Her new book God of the Big Bang explains that the Big Bang model is God friendly because it states that there was a beginning to the universe – & therefore supports a Beginner.


Palm Sunday!

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First Sunday of Spring!

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Student Loan Debt

Dennis Hutchinson —  March 20, 2015

There is now more than $1 trillion in outstanding student loan debt in America.  About 70% of students who graduated from college in 2013 did so owing close to $30,000.  Parents & students are responsible for that, but Cary Silverman with King of Kash says the lender has some responsibility too.


It really starts with the lender, in our opinion, informing the consumer of exactly what their getting into.  What is their responsibility, and then helping them understand can they afford to borrow or to take that credit or not.

All that student loan debt is starting to have a big impact on how soon college grads can buy their first home, not to mention what poor credit does to the overall economy.

Steroid Use

Dennis Hutchinson —  March 17, 2015

Lance Armstrong’s fall from grace & admission of doping sent shockwaves through the nation, but as bad as that was – Dr. Margaret Goodman says the bigger problem is in young people.


The University of Minnesota did a study a couple of years ago showing that up to 7% of youngsters median age, or teens median age 15, some starting as early as age 10, were using anabolic steroids – so 7% of boys & almost 5% of girls.  You know these days everybody wants the 6-pack, they want to look like they have that muscle definition, it’s everywhere & it really needs to be looked at more closely.

Dr. Goodman says it’s increasing in girls because they want to look good.  She’s hoping to draw more attention to the problem in her new novel called Death in Vegas.