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Home for Dinner

Dennis Hutchinson —  February 11, 2015

Several studies tout the benefits of having the family Home for Dinner, & Dr. Anne Fishel says there is one key way to start.

Power of 100

Dennis Hutchinson —  February 10, 2015

Do you need a little help to kick start your dreams?  Shaun King says the key lies in the Power of 100.

How’s your heart? Check out today’s Ransomed Heart Devotion for God’s plan for your heart!

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5 Money Conversations

Dennis Hutchinson —  February 4, 2015

Each of your kids is different, so talking with them about money should depend on their age.  Scott & Bethany Palmer say there are 5 Money Conversations you need to have with your kids.


Healthy Eating

Dennis Hutchinson —  February 4, 2015

If you’re still struggling to lose weight on your New Year’s Revolution, maybe a personal chef from the NFL can help you with healthy eating!