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Gaining By Losing

Dennis Hutchinson —  August 11, 2015

Fitness experts will tell you one of their biggest hurdles is helping people understand how much they’ll gain by losing that extra weight.  Pastor JD Greear says there’s a big lesson in there for the church as well.


We know how to teach it to our people when it comes to, say for example, their money.  You can’t outgive God .. & you don’t give to God because you can afford it, you give to God because He’s a priority, and so He ought to get your first fruits.  The irony is we don’t apply that as pastors to our own ministries.  We feel like “Oh, I’ve got to keep all my good leaders .. I’ve got to keep everything because that’s the only way I’m going to survive.”  In fact sometimes I think our people don’t believe us about what we say about money because they don’t see us doing it in other areas of our life.  I think the same principle applies, we call it the principle of the harvest. 

Greear’s challenge for his fellow pastors – step out of your comfort zone & trust a little bit more.  It’s all in his new book Gaining By Losing.


Project Inspired

Dennis Hutchinson —  August 11, 2015

If there is any industry that tops Hollywood when it comes to the importance of physical appearance, it’s got to be modeling.  The cat walk is not a very forgiving place, & it’s one of the reasons Nicole Weider left to find her true purpose.


I feel like I just want to reach out to every single one of them and tell them how beautiful and how amazing they are as people .. and how God has a purpose for their lives.  And not to look to the world for approval, because I went through that.  If you chase worldly pleasures like fame or approval from the world, that doesn’t lead to lasting happiness.  So I want to encourage each person that I see that they are beautiful in what God created them to be .. and that God has a great purpose for their life. 

Nicole calls her effort Project Inspired, helping to encourage young ladies that their self-worth is found in Christ alone.  More at


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