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Reboot your 2015 with a 30 Day Challenge!

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Early Learning

Dennis Hutchinson —  January 30, 2015

From Baby Mozart to LeapFrog, America has spent billions trying to teach young children.  Not surprisingly the key to early learning is found in Scripture.

Grain Brain

Dennis Hutchinson —  January 29, 2015

Remember the old commercial “This is your brain .. This is your brain on drugs”?  One expert says now America is suffering more from what he calls Grain Brain.

Fight Back With Joy

Dennis Hutchinson —  January 29, 2015

Jesus said “In this world you will have trouble, but take heart for I have overcome the world.”  That gives us the ability, no matter what battle you’re facing, to Fight Back With Joy!

Fun Meal Experience

Dennis Hutchinson —  January 29, 2015

Have you found there’s not always time for a good, home-cooked meal?  Jennifer Tyler Lee has a fun meal experience to try.