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Verse of the Day

“We wait in HOPE for the Lord, He is our Help & our Shield.” ~ Psalm 33:20

A Year with Aslan from Prince Caspian

Aslan, who seemed larger than before, lifted his head, hook his mane, & roared.  The sound – deep & throbbing at first, like an organ beginning on a low note, rose & became louder till the earth & air with shaking with it … In every field & wood the alert ears of rabbits rose from their holds, the sleepy heads of birds came out from under wings, owls hooted, vixens barked, hedgehogs grunted, the trees stirred, & men leaped up groping for lights.


It’s only in relation to the wrath of God that we know the mercy of God.  In the Cross, we see both the kindness & sternness of God.  & that transcendent mystery can’t be comprehended in spite of its absolute nearness.” Matt Redman, Facedown

We all have questions, but after a while you find that all your questions are gone.  You come to the point of total reliance on the resurrection life of Jesus, which brings you into complete oneness with the purpose of God.  There may still be things hidden to your understanding, but no longer will they come between your heart & God. You won’t even need to ask, because you’ll be certain that God will reveal things in accordance with His will – & for his glory.” ~ Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest

Nowhere in the New Testament is the humanity of Paul seen so clearly as when he staggers under the attacks of the Corinthian church.  His sufferings are like Christ because they are inward.  However from that we can learn that malice needs nothing to live on, it can feed on itself.  A contentious spirit will find something to quarrel about.  Good men can be made to appear evil by the simple trick of dredging up what’s in his own heart & attributing it to them.” ~ A.W. Tozer, We Travel An Appointed Way

“The real legacy of my life was my biggest failure – that I was an ex-con.  My greatest humiliation was the beginning of God’s greatest use of my life.  He chose the one experience I could not glory in, for His glory.” ~ Chuck Colson


Luke 17:20-25

Isaiah 40:26

1 John 2:1