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Today we talked about the impact our friendships have on us, and how we can be better friends.

To that end, we shared some tips from Dr. Randy Carlson on what healthy friendships look like.

Healthy Friends…


  • Love and influence each other – without controlling each other
  • They are honest with each other – without fear of rejection
  • Respect each other enough to speak the truth
  • Don’t manipulate to get their own way
  • Gain joy from their relationship
  • Have shared values

Dr. Randy also shares 4 Steps to Improving Friendships

  1. Make a list of your 5 closest friends
  2. Ask yourself 3 questions:
    “Does this relationship exhibit healthy characteristics?”
    “What would make this relationship better?”
    “What could you say to your friend to truly express how you feel?”
  3. Ask for God’s blessing, guidance, and favor on your friendships
  4. Take action on what would make the relationship better

More tips on intentional friendships in the Intentional Living Center

Peter’s Fireside Story this morning was titled “Joan ‘n’ the Whale” from the book Stories That Sneak Up On You by John Duckworth.