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Your Love Dare today: Write or rewrite your vows, either by hand or printed from your computer. Frame them and hang them where they can be seen by all.

Your Respect Dare today: Write YOUR story of the past 40 days of the dare-focusing on the one thing that stands out most as the FRUIT of your dare. Where were you when you could see this dare was working? Who was with you? What happened? Give God praise for what He is doing in your heart, mind and marriage!

Your Respect Dare Today: Today, do a word search in your Bible on forgiveness. After reading the scriptures which come up,play that the Lord will help you forgive. Pray that He helps you overcome any obstacles in the way of total forgiveness of yourself, your husband or someone else.

Your Love Dare Today: Ask a godly friend to be your marriage mentor, to give you insight and be an ear to hear you out, when you need to talk about marriage related topics.



Today’s Love Dare: Hopefully you know of something that your wife would LOVE…YOU clean, take her to a nice dinner or a little get-away trip. Today’s DARE is to make one of those wishes come true. Do it!

Today’s Respect Dare: Look back at the last few weeks and see what God has done and is doing. Today write down 2 or 3 positive effects of the respect dare and why they are important. Thank the Lord for progress!

Your Love Dare of the Day: Ask you wife to pray with you today. If for whatever reason, she says, “no”, ask her how you can pray for her.

Your Respect Dare of the Day: Make a list of several things that you know are important to your husband. It could be anything from a clean car, sorted socks to his favorite meal or hobby and commit to working to make at least one of his favorite things your priority each week.


We also introduced you to the Hope Hero’s for July: The Granite Mountain Hot Shots. Please consider joining us in doing 19 Intentional Acts of Kindness to pay it forward Hot Shot style.

Aiding Firefighters Families

Here is a list of some of the legitimate charities that have been set up to aid the families of the 19 firefighters killed this week in Arizona.

Yarnell Emergency Fire Fund:

Set up by United Way of Yavapai County

Wildland Firefighter Foundation

Using donations to offer financial and emotional support

100 Club of Arizona

Assisting survivors, covering flight costs for family, helping the injured, and buying replacement equipment for the Prescott Fire Department.

American Red Cross

The Red Cross’ Grand Canyon Chapter has opened two shelters for those forced to evacuate, and are also providing food, water, and mental health support.


TODAY’S RESPECT DARE: Hebrews 12:14 says “Make every effort to live in peace with all men and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.”  Sometimes when God is trying to teach our spouse something, we feel the need to help Him along.  So today’s Respect Dare is to stay out of God’s way, and instead pray.  Choose to either write down what you sense God is teaching your husband that you might prevent him from learning by interrupting – or – Write down what you sense God is trying to teach you.

TODAY’S LOVE DARE:  Ecclesiasteds 4:11 tells us “If two lie down together they keep warm, but how can one be warm alone?”  Have you ever noticed how you are strong in areas where your wife is weak, and vice versa?  When we are together, we multiply each others joys and divide the sorrows.  So today’s Love Dare is to recognize your spouse is integral to your future success.  Let them know you desire to include them in decisions, and that you need their perspective and counsel.  If you’ve ignored them in the past – confess it and ask for forgiveness.

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