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Peter & Shannyn – Thursday, October 23

Today we talked about Time Magazine’s list of Most Infuential Teens, and shared one of our own:  Mary Juengel, our first ever Hope Hero.

Mary is a cancer survivor.  You can find out more at the Team Mary Facebook page, & find out more about her song Through My Scars.

Peter & Shannyn – Monday, 2/24

This morning our friends Jay & Laura Lafoon from Celebrate Your Marriage stopped by to talk about the secret to a happy marriage.  More on their ministry, including marriage conferences and Ultimate Date Nights available here.

Peter & Shannyn – Tuesday, 2/25

Peter’s granddaughter Sabrina has published her first book – at just 7 years old!  Titled “Oh No! Pig Eats A Birthday Party”, it comes from the Sock Monkey & Pig stories that Grampa Sir Peter has shared with her.  Find out more here.

This morning our first ever Hope Hero Mary Juengel joined us for a praise party, as she has had her final chemo treatment!

Peter & Shannyn – Wednesday, 2/26

Toby Mac dropped by this morning to talk about the Hits Deep Tour, Easter traditions, and who speaks life into his life!


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