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Peter & Shannyn – Thursday, September 17

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of the passing of 15 year old Katie Wagner following her battle with cancer. Her life & faith touched hundreds of others. Her father, Steve, shared some reflections on her life this morning.

Todd Smith with Selah joins us to talk weight loss, his daughter’s baptism, & his father’s cancer battle.

Peter & Shannyn – Wednesday, September 16

Today is National Step Family Day!  Our Intentional Living ministry has 10 inTENtionals for Step Families.

inTENtionals for Step Families by Dr. Randy Carlson

  1. Expectations – Reality = Disappointment.  Set aside an hour this week to discuss each family member’s expectations for being in this family.
  1. A weekly Family Meeting may sound difficult and idealistic, but after you pull it off a few times, it will start to make a difference.
  1. Parent up – power down.  Step families are particularly vulnerable to power trips. A “cool-headed” parent can win the day by sticking to their parenting goals without anger.  Smile but confidently follow through without all the drama.
  1. Spending time together is the only way to get to know another person.  Be intentional by scheduling time individually with each member of the family.
  1. Mom and dad do best when they’re on the same page about almost everything.  Set aside 60 minutes sometime this week as a couple and make a few important decisions that both of you can agree on and get behind .. & write them down.
  1. Patience is your friend.  For 48 hours, don’t remind, correct, yell, blame or in other way be visibly impatient with your family.  Keep it to yourself and Instead, use words of encouragement, praise, support and love.
  1. Families that have something to look forward to are happier.  Planning a vacation is often more enjoyable than actually going on the vacation.
  1. The most powerful thing you can do for your family is to pray.  Pray for peace, protection and unity.  Start a prayer journal and report at the Family Meeting about answered prayer, and thank God together for His faithfulness.
  1. Make room for hurt.  Most step families are built upon hurt and loss.  Getting to “love” through “hurt” is a process that takes time.
  2. Give it time.  Like seasons of the year, every step family will experience winter, spring, summer and fall seasons.  Holding on to the long view is the best things you can do.

Peter & Shannyn – Tuesday, September 15

Mike Weaver from Big Daddy Weave joins the show to talk about the new record Beautiful Offerings, & the latest single My Story.

Trooper Joe on Back-to-School Safety!

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Peter & Shannyn – Thursday, August 24

Talking life lessons this morning, & we stumbled upon this article about teaching your kids how to Deal With Rejection.


Respect Dare

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iMom with Back To School Stress Busters!

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