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So, in what ways is it best to build up your new parent-ness so that you can enjoy every moment? 4 suggestions that one girlfriend could share with another.

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Honor and obedience are not contradictory; rather they are two different things.

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Big Daddy Weave

Family Life Radio —  November 10, 2016

The My Story Tour gives daily opportunities to take notice of the many ways God reaches into each of the lives of the five Big Daddy Weave bandmates.

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Multiple Jobs

Dennis Hutchinson —  August 28, 2015

I don’t know how long you’ve held your career, but a word to the wise – your kids probably won’t.  Crown Financial President Robert Dickie says today’s young people will bounce around a lot more – so keep that in mind when managing your money.


That’s part of our grandparents’ economy, where you could retire after 30 years at a particular company.  Today most millennials are going to have anywhere from 8 to 12 careers in their lifetime, so they have to plan and live their life intentionally to be able to rotate from job to job throughout their career.

One of the big reasons for the job hopping is the growing specialization, especially in the tech industry.  More tips here.

Back To School

Dennis Hutchinson —  August 28, 2015

As kids – & parents for that matter – get geared up for another year of school, it always means new clothes & shoes, & of course stuff like backpacks, pencils & notebooks.   Eric Buehrer with Gateways to Better Education says don’t forget to prepare them spiritually as well.


What we need to do is make sure that our students understand their freedoms to express themselves in class.  They do have religious freedoms. They are protected, and so if they give an opinion that is based upon their faith – that’s protected speech.

And he says it’s really important that we make a concerted effort to pray regularly for our child’s teachers as well.  For more tips, click here.