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Today is Day  4 of the Love and Respect Dare!

YOUR RESPECT DARE DAY 4 : After spending time in prayer, asking God to show you ONE THING in your life that you can bring under His authority to help you become more of the woman and wife He created you to be, choose an “I AM” statement which declares who you are IN HIM. For example, I (Shannyn) realized through prayer that sometimes my lack of confidence comes across and defensiveness, even to my husband. So my positive “I AM” statement is “I am a confident woman of God.” I can HAVE that confidence, because I know who I am IN HIM. Write yours on a note or in a journal and leave it somewhere you will SEE IT! Here’ s mine:



YOUR RESPECT DARE: Call your sweetie today and tell them that you love them. Ask is there is anything you can DO for them today. Hang up before the conversation gets too involved.

Also on today’s show, in light of the sad suicide attempt by Paris Jackson, we shared resources available through our Sister-Ministry- you can find them by searching “suicide” at The number for the National Suicide Hotline is 1-800-273-8255 and for our Prayer Line 888-907-PRAY (7729)