Unspoken – Celebrating Recovery

Family Life Radio —  January 15, 2014 — Leave a comment
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Have you ever had the feeling that God could never use you because of what you have done in your past? Ever looked at your drug addled child and wondered what God could do with their life? Take inspiration and hope in the testimony of the band Unspoken.

As a teenager, Chad Mattson was an athlete that stayed away from drugs and alcohol while providing a designated driver for his friends. But Chad is the first to admit the truth that is 1 Corinthians 15:33 “Bad company corrupts good character.” He eventually began joining in with his friends.

But he knew how much he needed God so he would wait until after Thursday night Bible study to get high. He was spinning out of control but God never let go of Chad’s life, prodding him to go on a sabbatical to the Dominican Republic. You could call it a missions trip but there was nothing official about it.

I’ll let Chad tell you in his own words: “My family grew up bringing us to church, wonderful Christian people. But in my early 20’s I got into using drugs and that whole mess and culture. I got a card from a missionary in the Dominican Republic and I was kind of at the end of my, you know, I was so tired of running from God. So tired of being beat up by the world that I was looking for something to do but I just didn’t know what. I was looking for Jesus essentially.”

Chad continues, “So I got this card from these missionaries and I called them and said “”Could I come and hang out with you for a couple of months?”” And they reluctantly said yes.”

He went and served them, building churches and studying his Bible. That led to Chad getting clean and meeting Mike Gomez who is in the band Unspoken with Chad. The band performs at Celebrate Recovery events across the country as well as their concert stops ministering to the broken and their families. If you would like more information on Celebrate Recovery you can go to celebraterecovery.com to find your local groups.

Unspoken currently has a song “Lift My Life Up” on the Billboard Contemporary Christian music chart and they are working on new music. Their EP “The World Is Waking” is available now.