An Update on Kalamazoo’s signal

Family Life Radio —  March 5, 2014 — Leave a comment

As you know, Family Life Radio in Kalamazoo, MI (95.1 FM) has been off the air since the end of December 2013. Here’s why:

The lease for the tower our antenna was on expired. We had hoped to move the translator to a new tower that would allow us to cover many more people. The first tower we found would raise our cost considerably, frankly, much higher than we could afford to pay and still be good stewards. We found another tower and applied to the FCC to move to the new tower and the FCC just granted our application.

Now we’re making plans to install the translator on either this new affordable tower location or, if God provides, even a new station to serve Kalamazoo and surrounding area. I do hope we can count on you to pray with us about that.

The historic winter weather has been a factor in the delay as well.

Rest assured that we haven’t forgotten you and the Kalamazoo area. Our engineering staff is working hard to find the best solution so we can once again inspire and equip you to live intentionally for Christ 24/7.

During the transition, listeners can continue to listen at or on the Family Life Radio mobile app. [ iOS ] [ Android ]

Marianne 14
Marianne 14

Will there be any changes to WMUZ, 1030 AM in the Detroit area?  I am still baffled that the station only runs from dusk to dawn and who decides when that is?  I consider dawn to be when the sun rises, yet the station does not come on until 8:00 a.m. (at times) and the sun has been blinding me on my drive into work for a half hour.  Then, the station suddenly shuts off, during a song, at the oddest hour in the evening.  I have said it before, I feel cheated that I cannot listed 24/7 like everyone else.