23 Shadow of Death’s Valley St.

Our world has completely changed over the past few months. Many are living in a virtual reality. Those who can, work from home, and spend their work hours communicating in video rooms with colleagues and clients, while the those on the front lines – medical service providers, police, grocers, some daycare workers, police, emergency responders, and some daycare workers – keep their doors open for those who must go out to serve. Churches, movie theatres, restaurants and gyms are closed. People are strongly encouraged to maintain social distancing and avoid gathering in groups.

Yet none of this is a surprise to our Heavenly Father. He prompted the Psalmist to share the words we find in Psalm 23 to serve as a comforting promise, as well as a picture of just how He cares for us.

The valley of the shadow of death may sound to you like the address for the neighborhood you’re living in today. If so, let the words from Psalm 23 bring you peace today (TPT). While you may not know what tomorrow might bring, you do know the One who holds your future.

  • When you grow tired of the negative news of what’s happening in our world, your Heavenly Father offers a resting place for you in his luxurious love (v. 2).
  • He wants to take you to an oasis of peace.
  • With the waters of the quiet brook brimming with His joy, He restores your tired spirit and breathes into you, new life (v. 3).
  • He leads you in His footsteps, and all you have to do is follow, opening before you pathways to His goodness to bring honor to His name (v. 3).
  • And even though He takes you through a valley of the deepest darkness, fear cannot conquer you because He defeated all fear (v. 4).
  • He stays close to you, encouraging you with whispers of promise and love.
  • His authority is your strength. He showers you with His peace.
  • His love blankets your soul, and consumes all fear (v. 4).

The place you find yourself may be overshadowed with darkness, but His love and light will lead you through. It’s not easy to let go and let God direct you. It takes trusting Him to always be with us, leading us to the right places by the path of His choosing. When we do allow Him to guide us, we can experience His peace and contentment.