5 Essential Tactics for Daily Triumph

with Rhett Walker

Finding solid ground in our faith can sometimes feel like a Herculean task. Rhett Walker in his candid conversation with Family Life Radio sheds light on this path, offering practical insights and heartfelt encouragement.

Rhett’s songwriting process is deeply intertwined with his faith journey, grounded in authenticity and personal experience. He shares, “I don’t put Jesus into a song just to get radio to play it. I really want these to be things I’ve learned from life. And I think that authenticity is what helps people walk through it.”

     1. Live and express your faith authentically, drawing from personal experiences and lessons learned.

This authenticity makes his music relatable but affirms the importance of living a faith that’s real and experienced, not just taught.

Your journey is uniquely yours, filled with lessons and stories that no one else can tell.

Rhett shared, “The reason I do Christian music; the reason I turn this on in the car, is I need that reminder … If you look at the music, everything is just so heavy.”

Embracing the Gospel in Everyday Life

Talking about “Gospel Song,” he continues, “You’re singing about the truth of Jesus. I’m redeemed; I’m this person. I’m the man I am today because of that. And he was like, Well, let’s just write that song. And I was like, write a song about a song. And … it’s one of my favorites to play.”

     2. Find your own “Gospel Song” moments – daily reminders of God’s truth and redemption.

In a world that often feels overwhelmingly heavy, these reminders serve as lifelines, pulling us back to the heart of our faith. Whether it’s through music, Scripture or prayer, let the truth of Jesus’ love and redemption be the cornerstone of your daily routine.

Finding Inspiration in Unexpected Moments

“Believer,” Rhett says, “I wrote – surprisingly – while I was brushing my teeth.” The song came in an ordinary moment, facing down the “dadgum enemy” with a resolve to preach the truths of Jesus over his life. He realized, “I need to start preaching the truths that Jesus says over my life instead of allowing the enemy to preach.”

Rhett Walker

He realized, “I’m not going to be the dad I need to be today. I can’t be the man I need to be or the husband I need to be. And I was like, ‘Wait a second. I’m allowing all of these intrusive thoughts to take over. But this ain’t what the truth of the gospel because Jesus says, I am more than an overcomer to this, and this and this.”

     3. Replace negative thoughts with affirmations of faith, similar to Rhett’s morning realization.

Inspiration and divine moments can come when least expected — during a quiet evening, a drive or even while fishing. “It’s just like, man,” Rhett reflects, acknowledging that these moments of inspiration are gifts, unexpected and often unplanned.

     4. Practice an attitude of openness to God’s inspiration because divine moments can occur unexpectedly.

Stay open to God’s whispers, even in the mundane. The Holy Spirit doesn’t operate on our schedules, and God’s voice can break through in the quietest of moments, offering inspiration, comfort and guidance. It’s in staying present and open that we allow ourselves to be moved and inspired by God, in ways we might never have anticipated.

The Story Behind “Man on the Middle Cross”

The song “Man on the Middle Cross” came from a place of profound reflection on grace, inspired by a sermon snippet Rhett saw online. It reminds us that salvation isn’t something we can earn; it’s a gift freely given, as underscored by the thief on the cross next to Jesus who did nothing to earn his place in paradise yet was promised, “Today you will be with me in paradise” (Luke 23:43 NIV).

This story is a beautiful illustration of grace — unmerited, unconditional and completely contrary to the world’s transactional nature. It challenges us to let go of our “checklist Christianity” and embrace a faith rooted in the grace and love of Jesus, focusing on the Man on the middle cross who declares us worthy, not by our deeds, but by His love.

     5. Reflect on the simplicity of grace and salvation, instead of a checklist for Christianity.

Your path is uniquely yours, filled with moments of revelation, struggle and grace. Walk it with confidence, knowing your story and can inspire, uplift and remind others of the transformative power of God’s love and grace.

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