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A Hope Hero Shines Bright

What a treasure it is to hold a baby in the first hours of life!

That is a gift that a friends from one corner of Family Life Nation experienced, but it didn’t stop there!

Joy Ringhofer from Phoenix is a volunteer at Banner University Medical Center. Last month, a sweet baby girl was born and Joy had the honor of rocking and holding her in the nursery. He gentle spirit didn’t go unnoticed by the baby’s dad, Rubin Swift. As we visited his newborn in the hospital, he was taken my the gentle kindness the Joy showed that’s why when he found that was stranded in AZ, he knew who to call-JOY!

Because his baby was too young (by airline standards) to fly home to Ohio with her daddy, Rubin reached out to the nicest person he’d met in the Valley of the Sun-JOY!

Joy didn’t just offer a ride to a hotel, she insisted on a ride to her HOUSE where Rubin and his beautiful baby daughter stayed until she was old enough to board a flight home, with her pop!

Now, the baby doesn’t just have a daddy who loves her, but a very special honorary grandma!

“She fed me and held my baby all night,” Rubin said, “Who does that?”

We know who…Hope Heroes like Joy Ringhofer, that’s who!

Well done good and faithful servant!