International Outreach

You and Family Life Radio + Intentional Living: Spreading Hope Around the Globe

Family Life Radio and Intentional Living are much more than radio. God is taking both ministries around the world through the web, via the FLR Mobile App, and as we partner with other international outreach ministries.

Helping South Asia Experience Hope

In the past five years, forty-nine local pastors and evangelists in five countries have been martyred for planting churches as part of The JESUS Film Harvest Partners ministry. This powerful film about the life of Jesus has won millions to Christ over the past fifteen years. Many of the men and women who are involved in this powerful outreach know that each day could be their last day on Earth, but they passionately share the film and plant churches despite the danger.

Family Life Radio and Intentional Living are partnering with JESUS Film Harvest Partners to help one of these courageous evangelists, named “Brother Milton,” share Christ’s love with South Asia. We recently purchased a new digital, solar-powered video projection unit and motorbike that will allow him to travel to remote areas and share The JESUS Film and other Christian videos at public gatherings. Tens of thousands of people will hear about—and see—Christ’s transforming power for the first time.

Uniting to Reach Africa for Christ

As a young teenage missionary, Okongo Samson knew that sharing Christ in war-torn Uganda and other African countries would be very risky. But his kidnapping by the brutal Lord’s Resistance Army, led by cult-leader Joseph Kony, brought him a level of pain and despair he’d never known.  Faced with a life of slavery and killing, it seemed to Okongo that his life was over at age sixteen. But God had other plans. Through a literal miracle, Okongo escaped the army’s camp, traveled by foot to Uganda’s capital city, and, for the past several years, has carried the Gospel to the most unreached nations of the world through Unite4Africa, an organization he founded in 2005.

Family Life Radio and Intentional Living are partnering with Okongo and Unite4Africa to help children brutalized by spiritual and physical deprivation in the village of Wanji Shawa, Ethiopia. We’re helping to build an addition to their school, purchase Bibles and books for the kids, train community leaders to disciple the people of the village, and rehabilitate teenage victims of sexual and psychological abuse.

Internet Radio

We’re hearing from more and more listeners around the globe who are listening on the Family Life Radio Mobile Apps. One listener in Saudi Arabia told us how refreshing it was to be able to listen to the Gospel in a country where freedoms are greatly limited.

Last year more than 30,000 people in over 110 countries tapped into twenty-four hours a day of hope-filled music, biblical teaching, and Christian companionship through FLR’s internet radio. Overseas military, missionaries, and residents of countries where Christian radio is limited or non-existent experience hope every day.