All In Good Time

“Be patient”.

That’s a phrase I will always remember my mom telling me when I’d start to get a bit antsy while waiting near the cart for her to be done picking out the groceries. While I did grow more patient over time, I started thinking more about it when I came across some tips on how to train yourself to be more patient. Most of them revolved around putting yourself in other people’s shoes and looking at the bigger picture; remembering that whatever frustration you’re in isn’t all that important in the long run.

What I found most interesting about these tips was how well they related to verses in Scripture. The most outstanding one that popped in my mind was Psalm 46:10 where it says “Be still, and know that I am God”. Why does He tell us to be still? Well, it says so in Jeremiah 29:11. “For I know the plans that I have for you, says the Lord”. God has a plan for your life and mine that will greatly benefit us more than we can ever imagine, so long as we are patient. I know that can be hard sometimes, especially when we feel so ready and then God tells us the time isn’t right.

I don’t know what your life is like, but I do know that you are probably waiting for something. Whatever that is for you: a job opportunity, financial security, a relationship, or a miracle you’ve asked of God for a long time, you can rest in the fact that His plan will lead us to where we need to be all in good time. God’s timing is perfect, after all. I hope that encourages you today.

Alex, Producer and Resident Millennial for the Kankelfritz and Friends Show