An Undeniable Call

Meredith Andrews shares candidly about fostering

Although Meredith Andrews, singer, song writer and worship leader, was an only child, she grew up with many foster siblings. When she was eight years old, she began begging her parents for a sibling.
She felt “alone in the world” because all her friends had siblings. She prayed her mom would have a baby.

Soon after, Meredith learned her parents had been praying about adoption, but felt confidently led to do foster care. A little two-year-old girl came to live with them, and Meredith was “in heaven” with her little “sister.”  Eventually, there were five children all together – three in diapers. 

The first little two-year-old girl who came to their home was considered a “failure to thrive” child who wasn’t walking yet and had some health complications. By the time she left to go home with her biological mother, she had outgrown these issues and was running around playing. 

Meredith became very attached and had thought her family would adopt this little girl. She will never forget the day she came home from school and found out her little “sister” had gone home. 

The most difficult part of fostering was when the children would leave. Whether the children were with them for a weekend, a week, a year or more, they experienced love. Meredith is certain these children enjoyed the presence of God in her family’s home. She is convinced God has not wasted what they experienced. 

It has met them somewhere along the way and brought back to their memory who Jesus is,” Meredith shared. “They saw a picture of how much He loves them and what a loving family looks like.

Over time, Meredith’s family fostered about twenty children. They eventually adopted her three brothers.

Meredith believes the call from God to foster or adopt is undeniable. There will be difficult times since many children have been through really tough situations. “Things no child should have to go through,” Meredith described. You can tell by the way they act out.

As a follower of Christ, it’s in those challenging times you ask God to show you how He sees these children. He is faithful to not only give you grace and strength, but also the ability to move forward in love. 

God teaches you dependence on him through uncharted waters, whether it’s through fostering children or another scenario. As you confess to Him your inability, He displays his power in your weakness.

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