In the spotlight: Bill Ronning

Bill Ronning loves hosting the evening show you hear on Family Life Radio because he says it’s “an opportunity to reflect on the day. I know that nights are hard for a lot of people, so I love to be there to encourage people with music and comments that make them smile and fill them with hope.”

Bill was born in Culver City, California. Growing up in LA, the home of Hollywood, he was fascinated by broadcasting. In particular, he says that “the impact that radio had on people caught my attention.”

When Bill first went to college, he studied music, which was one of his passions. But then he decided to switch his major to radio/TV/film. That led to his first job at a radio station, where he had an on-air role and was also the music director – which he felt was the best of both worlds!

Today, Bill still has a foot in both sides of broadcasting – hosting his show, and also programming the music for Family Life Radio.

Bill has been following Jesus ever since he attended a Billy Graham Crusade when he was just 5 years old. He says faith is a crucial part of his everyday life, and he loves to turn to God in prayer.

What’s his greatest life advice? “Sometimes God answers our prayers in unexpected ways,” says Bill. “But He sees the bigger picture. He knows what lies ahead. We are always under His watchcare.”

Thank you for keeping talented, warm-hearted hosts like Bill on the air to encourage us all!

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