Breaking Free from the Past

Christian Bevere on Finding Worth in God’s Plan

In a deeply moving and insightful conversation with Family Life Radio, Christian Bevere, author of “Break Up with What Broke You – How God Redeems and Rewrites Your Story,” shares her journey of overcoming past regrets and finding her true worth in God’s eyes.

Christian’s message is particularly impactful for women, as she passionately discusses the importance of understanding one’s worth. She says, “It’s not about relationship breakups … it’s to help all women, but especially younger women just know that your worth is not in your past. It’s not in your mistakes. It’s in actually who God caused you to be.”

Many of us know the feeling of being stuck in a loop of regret or shame. Christian addresses this common struggle, acknowledging, “Sometimes we know we need to make a change, but we don’t know how to make that first step.”

Christian Bevere

Christian’s shared personal experiences in the pages of her book offers a hand to those looking to make that crucial first step towards healing and change. She reflects on her past, revealing, “Any mistake that I ever made, I put that as a skeleton in my closet. And I began to think, Man, I’m just adding up all of this unworthiness, all this unlovableness. And I was telling myself, even more so than anyone around me.”

“But sometimes, telling ourselves is the loudest voice we encounter.”

Christian continues, “And I would just tell myself, How could God use you? How could someone love you? You know, you have this shameful past. Everyone sees it. And it’s just like you walk around with these echoes in your head.”

In her transformation, Christian emphasizes the pivotal role of faith. She shares, “I had to really actually just let God into my life … He had to encompass my mind and compass the way I saw myself, my worth, my identity.”

A Common Narrative

She explains, “It’s many of our stories because it’s the enemy’s tactic. He wants us to be isolated. He wants us to be shameful.” Her insights provide comfort and solidarity, reminding us that we’re not alone in our struggles.

Christian Bevere

Christian offers a profound perspective on shame, explaining, “Shame is not so much what we’ve done, but it’s an inability to separate who we are from what we’ve done.” This redefinition challenges us to view our mistakes and regrets as separate from our intrinsic worth and identity.

The journey towards healing is also a journey of belief — in oneself and in God’s love. Christian says, “Until I actually believe that [I’m lovable] and I let the Lord deal with broken thoughts, broken ideas, clean out broken lies that I had heard, the glue wasn’t sticking.”

There’s such a transformative power of accepting and believing in God’s unconditional love.

Christian Bevere’s message is a beacon of hope and encouragement, offering a path to finding worth and healing through faith. Her book is not just a story; it’s a guide, a companion for anyone seeking to break free from the shackles of their past and step into the light of God’s love and redemption.

Watch the full conversation with Christian Bevere in video link above and discover how you, too, can start rewriting your story with God’s love and grace.

Christian BevereChristian Bevere

Christian Bevere is passionate about seeing women discover their identity in Christ. A firm believer in God’s redemption story, she shares powerful truth and practical applications through her books, podcast, online platform and teachings.

She is an experienced creative director and content creator with a focus on branding and communication. She is skilled in writing, design, branding, video editing and content strategy.

Wife to Arden Bevere and mother to Azariah Jax Bevere, Christian is on a mission to help others encounter God, silence shame and avoid settling for less than His best. Visit christianbevere.com.

Catch Christian on her podcast Dear Future Husband, or follow Christian on social:   

  • Instagram @mrschristianbevere
  • YouTube @TheBeveres
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