Breathing Gratitude

How to Anchor Your Faith in Life’s Storms

Gareth Gilkeson and Chris Llewellyn, voices of this beloved Northern Irish Christian folk rock worship band Rend Collective – known for their spirited and authentic approach to worship music – shared the realities of their journey with faith amidst the whirlwind of life with Family Life Radio.

“Our lives are very chaotic,” Gareth confessed, painting a picture of a day that starts without a clear direction, dependent on others to guide the way. This chaos, he notes, disrupts the pursuit of consistency, a longing that grows with time. Yet, within this admission lies a powerful invitation: to find God in the unpredictability of daily life.

Gareth’s reflection, “Every breath that you breathe is a conversation with God and it’s a gift from God,” offers a perspective shift. Amidst the chaos, every moment holds the potential for connection with the Heavenly Father.

Gratitude as a Spiritual Anchor

Life’s unpredictability often feels like a boat adrift. Gareth finds his anchor in gratitude: “I can feel my shoulders going heavy. And then I’m like, ‘Hey, I just need to go and focus on some things and just thank God for them and count every blessing.’”

Practicing gratitude to God is a lifeline, a way to tether your drifting boat to the steadfastness of God’s goodness.

Try this today: When chaos clouds your day, take a minute to list, mentally or in a journal, the blessings in your life. It’s in this space of thankfulness that the weight on your shoulders can lift, even if just a little.

Navigating Mental Health and Faith

Chris brings to light the intertwined journey of mental health and faith, sharing his own battles and the impact on his spiritual life. “I’ve had my mental health battles,” he admits, reminding us that our feelings are transient, not definitive markers of our faith’s authenticity. “None of my feelings are final,” Chris says, urging us not to measure God’s presence by our fluctuating emotions but to hold onto faith even when feelings falter.

Remember: It’s perfectly okay to have days when God feels distant. On these days, lean into the truth of Scripture that gives space for doubt and continue to reach out, even if it’s simply touching the hem of His robe in your heart.

Continuing to Show Up

Chris’s wisdom invites action. “The important thing is that I continue to show up and trust,” he asserts, echoing the importance to perseverance in faith despite not feeling God’s presence.

Showing up, persisting in your relationship with God even in the silence, is perhaps the most authentic form of faith.

Rend Collective

Make it a practice: Keep showing up for God, in whatever way that means for you. Prayer, worship, reading Scripture, or simply sitting in silence—these acts of faith are your way of reaching out, maintaining that precious connection.

Faith Is a Journey, not a Destination

Gareth and Chris pull back the curtain on a truth we can often gloss over: faith is a journey marked by highs and lows, certainty and doubt. But in every step, every stumble, and every moment of clarity, there is beauty and growth.

As you move through the chaos of your own life, remember that every breath is a heartfelt whisper, gratitude is your anchor, and your feelings are not the compass of your faith. Continue to show up, for in this relentless pursuit, you’ll find the presence of God in both the silence and the storm.

Keep reaching out for God, even when He feels far away. Remember, in the journey of faith, you are never walking alone.

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