Brought back from the brink of despair

Jessica turned away from God. But thanks to friends like you, she discovered He never turned away from her!

After the death of her mother, Jessica turned her back on God—and the very idea that He loved her.

But thanks to your generous support to keep the music and encouraging messages going out through Family Life Radio, Jessica heard the incredible truth…

You helped show her that hope is always possible through God…

“I just decided one day I was done focusing on the stuff that had happened and I was going to start focusing on the one thing that had always been there. I started listening to [Family Life Radio], and I just changed. I’ve spent my whole life being angry at everything, and I don’t feel angry anymore.

 “I will be driving and quite a few different songs will come on, like ‘Overcomer,’ and I will just start bawling. It’s almost like the words were written for me.

 “This past week, I was listening to all the ads about Spring Sharathon, and I brought it up to my kids and said, ‘You know, I think I’d really like to start donating. They always say that they’re listener-supported, and the people that have supported the station before are giving hope to the people coming in the future.’ That’s what it was for me.”

God is doing amazing things in the lives of people like Jessica through the music and messages on Family Life Radio—and He’s using your generosity to make it happen. Thank you!