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“Camp Happy Tummies”

“Camp Happy Tummies” serving up fresh hot meals in the wake of Hurricane Michael

© Photo of “Killer Seafood” kindly provided courtesy of Coastal Living via TIME Inc.

So when your restaurant gets destroyed by a natural disaster, what do you think would be first on your to-do list? For restaurant “Killer Seafood”, that first thing is “FEED THE PEOPLE!”

The entire staff of “Killer Seafood” came together with the help of chef Dave Snyder of Halyards Restaurant to create “Camp Happy Tummies” which resides in front of Mexico Beach’s City Hall. With help from volunteers, “Happy Tummies” cook food for all of the first responders, volunteers, and anybody in need of a hot breakfast or dinner, free of charge.

I love seeing community like this, when God’s children take care of one another. Even in the aftermath of a hurricane! Their food may be “killer”, but the folks at “Killer Seafood” and all their volunteers are tremendously kind and generous for setting aside time for their fellow man.

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