All I Want for Christmas is a Budget

Holiday spending shows our society has forgotten the real reason for the season.

Many of us go into to debt to buy Christmas presents.

Last year, 63% of Baby Boomers, 58% of Generation-Xers, and 40% of Millennials took on debt.

Most Americans plan to spend $660 this year.


Family Life Radio member Adam shares how he avoids the busy stores this time of year.


Chuck Bentley of Crown has some tips to help you avoid the holiday spending trap.

  1. Pray and seek guidance from the Lord
  2. Reset priorities and adjust lifestyle
  3. Renew your mind with truth
  4. Seek accountability with a trusted friend
  5. Plan ahead
  6. Budget
  7. Pay cash
  8. Avoid social media
  9. Take an extra job to avoid debt
  10. Sell some items
  11. Build savings now for next Christmas

For King and Country – Being Intentional

Joel & Luke Smallbone of for King & Country stopped by! We have for you a quick video touching on the highlights of the interview and the full audio with bill Ronning can be found here.

Joel and Luke talks about their time growing up on the road as crew members and stage managers. About a decade ago they were out on the road and decided to wonder what it would look like if they started to write some songs and create some demos. After about five years doors started to open. They speak of what it is like to share a manager with their sister Rebecca St. James, a manager who in fact is their father.

In our interview we touch on Intentional Living and how they take an intentional approach to what they do in life and in their music.

The full audio can

For King and Country from Family Life Radio on Vimeo.