Mom Holds Job Fair for her Kids!

Shaketha McGregor, Hiring Manager (Photo Courtesy of FOX News)
Now Hiring! (Photo Courtesy of FOX News)

This Brilliant Mom Held a Job Fair to Teach her Kids about Money!

If you have kids, you may have also had this conversation with them: “Mom, I want (insert toy, device, food item, etc.)” which may lead to talking about allowances. This mom from Georgia had that conversation with her kids, but she handled it in a genius way.

Instead of just giving her kids money for doing work around the house, Shaketha McGregor held a job fair and conducted professional interviews with her children for one of three available jobs: Kitchen Manager, Lead Housekeeper, or Laundry Supervisor. They’d discuss their skills as well as deliberate over schedules and wages.

To me, this is a brilliant idea because it not only helps the kids learn a sense of responsibility and how to handle money, but it’s also a great experience for when they enter the workforce! This mom sure means business (pun completely intended)! Now I wonder if her kids can put that on their resumé?

Alex, Producer and Resident Millennial for the Kankelfritz and Friends Morning Show

9-Year-Old Pays Off Lunch Debt For Classmates

Ryan Kyote (Photo Courtesy of NBC News)

At 9 years old, I know I wasn’t concerned about bills being paid. 9-year-old Ryan, on the other hand, was. But it wasn’t for himself, it was his classmates. You see, he saw a news story about a young girl who couldn’t get a meal at school because of something called “lunch debt”. Apparently, she had dues to pay before her school could give her lunch.

He was so concerned about it that he asked his classmates if they had any of this debt and, to his surprise, they had a total of $74.50 that had to be paid back. Ryan knew what he had to do. He collected all of his allowance and arranged with his mother to donate his savings and pay off their dues. 

I am amazed that a child has the presence of mind to sacrifice his hard-earned money for the sake of his class!

It reminds me of the widow in the Bible who gave her last two copper coins as an offering. There may have been people who gave larger amounts of money, but the widow gave all she had. 75 dollars may not seem like much to most of us grown-ups, but to a 9-year-old kid, that’s a big chunk of change. I’m inspired by his generosity and I hope you are too!

Alex, Producer and Resident Millennial for the Kankelfritz and Friends Morning Show


God’s Economy

You can’t out give God. The more you give to God, the more you get back. That includes, time (missions), talent and treasure (tithe and offering).  This Family Life Radio listener is praising God for allowing her goals to be accomplished. She’s thankful for God’s answer to prayer.  She prayed to have a little bit left over at the end of each pay check. She got a $4,000 increase in salary last year!  Last year was the most she and her husband had ever given in their lives. She’s found when she helps others, others are right there to help her when she needs it!


The Key to Less Stress

Balance your checkbook. Research says that will help you alleviate stress. They say you should look at your budget once a month. I don’t know that people do that any more since everything is online. It could mean keeping tabs on where you are financially. Knowing helps you not overspend. That provides a sense of peace.  People who balance their budget have fewer stress related illnesses than those who don’t. It’s not the amount of money you have, but it’s having better control of the money you have, that provides that sense of peace.  I recommed not swiping  the credit / debit card non stop without looking.