The Marriage Money Challenge!

Couples fight about money more than any other single thing!

If  you’re looking to bring some harmony to the conversation (or maybe even how to broach the subject of money with your sweetheart)  here’s some help from author Art Rainer who wrote the The Marriage Challenge: A fiance guide for married couples!


Secret Netflix Movies!

Wanna save some money at the RedBox this summer? Try THIS!

Did you know you can request your favorite movie to be made available on Netflix?

It’s true.

Netflix has a secret requests page that lets you order shows and movies that are not in their library.

The feature is hidden within Netflix’s help section, meaning most users have never heard of it.

Netflix does have guidelines that point out that some of these requests can’t be granted due to licensing issues.

The feature can also be accessed at


On today’s show, we shared a study recently conducted among millennial’s which found that they believe certain tasks can only be performed by mature adults.

Many of the items on the list involve finances, such as a steady job, a budget and paying your own costs and bills.

Some other indicators of “adulting” are doing your own laundry and cooking your own meals.

What would say constitutes a successful adult?


Top Money Saving Vacation Tips!

Today is National Plan Your Vacation Day!

To help us be intentional with our finances, Peter and Shannyn invited Sami Cone on the show. Here are her top 3 tips for saving money on YOUR vacation (or staycation)


1-Look for “Free Days” for things like Military or “Strait A’s on report card and plan your visit around those special dates!


2-Do you have an affiliation  with a club (like AAA or your Insurance Company) that offer promotions with any attractions, theme parks or museums? Contact them directly! You may be surprised how many organizations have special deals with local and national attractions!


3-When booking a hotel room or rental car, Sami suggests we always book the cheapest option and then you can ask to speak with the manager on duty and ask if they have any specials. You may find them happy to give you a FREE UPGRADE!