Debating Opposite Sex Friendships

If you have a best friend of the opposite gender they should be your significant other, according to research. One of our friends says that’s not a hard and fast rule. She says if the man dating the woman with a guy friend is secure in who he is and if he’s a strong Christian man and he knows who he is in God then he’s not going to feel threatened if it is truly JUST a friendship. He’s going to be able to recognize there’s nothing to worry about. She believes if the friendship was established before the relationship, you shouldn’t have to drop your friend. But a friendship between a man and a woman should not start after a person is already in a relationship with another person. She feels like that is asking for trouble.


4 Steps to Shortening the Temper Tantrum

My son Sam used to throw what my wife Becky calls the Defcon 5 temper tantrum, usually when we passed by a playground without stopping. Ann Frankl has some advice. She says it helps to know what’s going on in your toddler’s head. They live in the moment. They’re impulsive. They don’t care if they might get to go tomorrow, that’s tomorrow, not now!  They’re flexing those fledgling muscles of autonomy.

4 things that work are:


Ignoring the behavior

Stay Calm – If you lose your cool, they will get more fired up.

Don’t Cave – If you cave, it reinforces the behavior.


Watch Your Words

How we talk has an effect on how we relate to each other. Sometimes we give away where we’re from in how we speak, an accent. So the question is, is it mocking or endearing when we try to talk like someone from a different region?

We’re learning it probably depends on the individual who is doing the imitating and their relationship to the person they are imitating. If you know the person well, they would know your intent. If endearing is your goal, make sure you know your audience. If it is endearing, it can be a celebration of where you are from.


A Marriage Restored

Angie and her husband just went to court to cancel their divorce! They are thankful to God and for the support of Family Life Radio. She says it was there to remind her of God’s grace.  She also called the prayer hotline.

Now, they’re getting marriage counseling. She says through prayer and communication, it is possible. She and her husband are taking things one step at a time. She’s appreciative that Family Life Radio was there for her when she was in the “bottom of the pit”. She’s thankful to the people who support the radio station that made her story possible.

We’re celebrating with Angie! Congrats!


New Guy

Hi, I’m Mike Kankelfritz. I’m the new guy. I’ve been asking for the Lord’s help with pushing the right buttons at the right time here in the studio. I feel privileged to be a part of this ministry that began in 1966. I’m excited I get to work with Dr. Randy.

My wife Becky and I are celebrating 20 years of marriage this year! We’ve got two kids. Abby Grace is 14. She has some special needs. We also have an 8 year old son named Sam. He is Mr. Personality! I look forward to sharing life with you as we get to know one another.