Class Reunion Boot Camp

When googling “how to prepare for a reunion” the top hits include everything from fancy car rentals to plastic surgery with quick down times.

This weekend, I (Shannyn) am going to my first EVER class reunion and I’m a shocked at the feelings, fears and exceptions this blessed event is bringing to the surface.

Yes…man does indeed look at the outward appearance but the Lord weighs the heart. There is no need to order a Fitness Boot Camp DVD to “tone real quick”.

When he “takes measurements” he looks to kindness, mercy, justice, sacrifice and humility.

I was not saved when I was a student. When hugging me, my mates are meeting a new creation…me! My hope is that while I may be the one hugging them back, they see…Him, not me.  I hope they see it in my ease, which used to strain. In my peace where chaos reigned. In my  joy that is unwavering. I pray that will shine.

So, maybe I’ll get a manicure. Maybe not. What matters is that I’m ready. He has cleaned me up. He has called me His! And that is true of you today, if you are a follower of Jesus.

                                                   If you want to get a new dress or fresh haircut, go for it!

But don’t forget your invisible crown. (The one the Father gave you.)


Dearly Loved.

Welcomed at the Table.

Now THAT’S my kind of reunion!