Comfort for Corinna when she needed it most.

When COVID first hit, Corinna and her husband were split between Canada and the U.S.

Corrina explained, “I was at home in Canada, while my husband was working in Midland, Texas. So we were separated, which was hard.”

With the borders being closed, and air travel being risky, the two lived apart for several months. But as loneliness and uncertainty crept in, Corinna made the decision to move to the U.S.

Yet, being separated from her family in Canada wasn’t any easier.

Corrina said, “I definitely had down days. Being separated from my family for almost a year — especially during the holidays — was difficult.”

Thank God for Family Life Radio.

“We have lots of radio stations here in Midland, but thank God I discovered Family Life Radio.” “Now it’s the only station I listen to,” Corinna said. “I love that you guys talk about real things. It’s just so nice to turn on the radio and know the music that’s playing is connecting you to God. It’s a time of worship. It’s not just garbage that you’re listening to.”

The radio ministry YOU help make possible offers comfort and hope to hurting people.

Last year, right around the holidays, Corinna was especially moved. “There was a woman who called in to share how she was contemplating suicide. But then she turned on Family Life Radio, and a song came on the radio that spoke to her — and she changed her mind! I could really connect with her. That was a big moment for me.”

As the holidays approach, so many like Corinna need to experience the comfort and closeness to God your giving makes possible.

Thank you for helping provide the Christ-centered, meaningful content that our world so desperately needs!

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