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Thank you for making it possible for Family Life Radio to bless our community!

Congratulations to Stephanie Taylor, a paralegal in downtown Albuquerque. She was our August “Happy Birthday Facebook Contest” winner.

Stephanie has been a Family Life Radio 91.5 FM listener ever since she was introduced six years ago at a Casting Crowns Concert!

Her birthday was August 2, and her favorite treat is Chantilly Cake (white cake layered with whipped-cream frosting and fresh fruit or berries). She shared her birthday cake with her coworkers as they listened to Family Life Radio! Congratulations Stephanie! We celebrate YOU!


A very special recording by the band Cain.

Pam Harris (second from right) pictured here with the band Cain (siblings Madison Cain Johnson, Taylor Cain Matz and Logan Cain, pictured R to L)

One of our listeners, Pam Harris, is battling thyroid cancer, including serious side effects from treatment.

Pam heard about a “Cain Concert Experience” giveaway on Family Life Radio and decided to enter … and she won!

Her prize was four front row seats at their concert, and also a private meet and greet. During their time together backstage, Cain recorded a custom voicemail message for Pam to use on her phone.

“Hey, this is Pam,” the recording starts. “Can God cure thyroid cancer?” In reply, Cain sang, “Yes, He did. So, yes, He can!” (a verse from the chorus of their song, “Yes He Can” off their album Rise Up).

Congratulations Pam! We will keep you in our prayers as you continue your journey. Thank you, Cain, for using your talents to minister to one of our listeners in such a special way!

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