Music with Brad Farnsworth

Brad got his first radio job at 16 and never looked back…except for that part where God called him to be a pastor as well. Now he shares the hope of Jesus from the pulpit and the radio.

Most people don’t know that he once hosted a morning show with Kankelfritz in Tulsa, OK. He says that Mike hasn’t changed much. He’s still the crazy off-beat guy he’s always known.

Brad’s married to his high school sweat heart Laura. They married right out of high school and now have four children and three grandchildren. When he’s not preaching or on the radio you’ll find him on the basketball court or roasting coffee on the back porch. His passion in life is helping people find hope, healing, peace, and purpose in Jesus.

Music with Matt Pelishek

Matt first started his pursuit of radio because the college courses didn’t require as much math. Since then, it’s become his passion. Matt has 3 daughters, but he also holds a 2nd degree black belt. These two things are not unrelated. God have mercy on the poor soul who first asks to date one of his precious girls. Matt also loves all things geeky, especially Star Wars, old kung fu films, and cartoons from the 80’s. Matt says that ‘everyday I’m learning what it means to love all people. The ability to encourage people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and experiences through one mic is such a high honor and privilege.

All Praise with Dennis Hutchinson

All Praise with Dennis Hutchinson on Sunday mornings will encourage you to grow deeper in your faith and experience hope through worship.

Dennis reveals his passion for worship as he provides a Christian perspective through praise and worship music, devotions and lessons from his own intentional journey. He says, “I’m passionate about pursuing a life that pleases Christ. To know Him, and make Him known, and Christian radio lets me encourage others who are on the same journey.”

When you join Dennis for All Praise, prepare to experience a greater connection with God as you intentionally prepare for worship in church or in your personal quiet time.

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