Divine Appointments and Unwavering Dedication

6 Things to Think about in Answering God’s Call

Imagine for a moment, two paths destined to cross, each carved by faith, hope, and a shared passion for music. CCM duo, Caleb and John’s talented collaboration moves to the rhythm of divine appointments and unwavering dedication to God’s call.

As you experience Caleb and John’s story, may their journey encourage you to discover how your own unique story can glorify God and spread the hope found in Jesus.

1. Align Your Passions

Caleb began, “Quick backstory. So, I’m a pastor’s kid and grew up in the church,” sharing his lifelong immersion in Christian music and culture. From a tender age, Caleb felt a distinct call to “make music to glorify God.” It was a deeply ingrained purpose that shaped his life.

Discovering your calling and following it is a joyful journey that goes beyond personal fulfillment; it’s about aligning your passions with God’s wonderful plan for your life.

Ask yourself:

  • What stirs my heart?
  • What gift has God entrusted me with that can demonstrate His love to others?

Caleb and John

Embrace it, nurture it, and let it be a vessel for His glory.

2. The Power of Divine Appointments

Caleb’s journey took a pivotal turn with a simple suggestion from a friend, leading him to John. “Hey, I have this friend named John … I just get a sense that you guys would be great together.”

This was a divine appointment, a nudge towards something greater than neither could achieve alone. Caleb shared, “So, we met at breakfast, and we hit it off immediately.”

Divine appointments often come disguised as ordinary moments, but they hold extraordinary potential.

Be open to God’s leading. He often works through relationships to weave together His perfect plan.

Caleb and John

3. Collaboration Over Competition

Upon meeting, Caleb and John decided to “try this thing,” a decision that marked the beginning of a collaborative journey. Their willingness to join forces, to blend their talents and visions, revealed to them that in God’s kingdom, collaboration trumps competition. “We locked ourselves in my studio for six hours over two days. And we came out the other side [realizing] ‘this is a God thing!’” Caleb said.

The world we live in often pushes us towards individual success, while many times God desires for us work together. (See Ecclesiastes 4:9-12.)  Ask God to show you where you can join him in unity and partnership. Together, we can achieve greater things for God’s glory than we ever could alone.

4. Share Hope through Your Gifts

Both Caleb and John are united by a common mission: to share the message of hope in Jesus Christ. John put it beautifully, “Our big thing that we’ve talked is we want to tell people about the hope that they have in Jesus Christ.”

Your talents, your voice, your very life can bring hope to those around you. Whether through music, words, or acts of kindness, sharing Christ’s love is a universal call for all believers.

Caleb and John

5. Navigate Challenges with Faith

Their journey wasn’t without its challenges. Caleb and John found themselves on separate tours, yet their commitment to their shared vision remained unwavering. “But the Lord worked it all out,” Caleb reflected.

Faith in action shrinks obstacles and distances in the face of divine purpose.

When faced with challenges, you can lean into your faith, and watch as God puts all the pieces together to turn your trials into triumphs.

6. Embrace Your Journey

Look for God’s hand in your life, be open to His guidance, and use your gifts to illuminate His love to the world. In doing so, you will find that the harmony in faith comes in living a life that sings to the tune of God’s divine purpose.

Whether you’re already on His path or still uncovering your calling, know that God has a purpose for your talents, a plan to spread hope and joy in a world in desperate need of both. When you align your path with God’s will, He has a way of creating something more beautiful than anything you could have imagined on your own.

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