Dr. Randy’s “3-Foot Rule”

Simply put, we don’t control much beyond the reach of our arms, or about three feet.

The “3-Foot Rule” …

  • Is the secret to personal freedom. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by everything going on in the world. Let it go! You are only responsible for your thinking, your emotions and your actions.
  • Starts on the inside. The first step in the intentional life is to ask yourself the question: Who is in charge? When we say, “Lord, I submit to you,” it reminds us God is in charge.
  • Will improve your relationships. When you allow yourself to no longer feel responsible for everyone, you can enjoy your relationships without feeling like you need to resolve everyone’s problems.
  • Helps you to focus on the things you have control over. For those of us who wrestle with high control, this one hits home. We don’t control much. Focus on that — and leave the rest to God.

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