You’re helping listeners like Mike – and kids in poverty – experience hope.

We’d greatly appreciate your prayers before Spring Sharathon ends at 7 pm MST tonight – May 10 – to bring the strength and hope of Jesus to more listeners like Mike through your Family Life Radio.

Mike shares:

“I finally admitted to myself that I had become an alcoholic. If [alcohol’s] not in the house, I’m able to avoid going out to get it. But, every evening, I pass by several liquor and convenience stores and the craving for it hits. Every evening, I listen to FLR, and the songs and stories give me the encouragement that I need to just keep driving past and make it home. I know that I can’t do this alone, but God, working through FLR, gives me the strength. This donation is only a fraction of what I would normally spend on my alcoholism, and it’s only right that this money goes to help others in the same way that FLR helps me. Every single day. Thank you!”

Your amazing generosity helps more listeners like Mike who desperately need the words of hope you help bring through Family Life Radio to help him overcome this addiction and walk free in Christ.

Please pray with us that more listeners take this last-minute chance to give a single gift of $360 or more, or invest $30 or more a month, to help keep your Family Life Radio going strong. Plus, they’ll be providing much-needed parasite treatment for children in poverty through our partnership with Compassion International®.

Thank you for all your generosity and prayers to help more listeners like Mike – and children in poverty – experience the life-changing hope of Jesus!