5 Ways to Experience a Shower of God’s Presence

He shall come down like rain upon the grass before mowing, Like showers that water the earth. In His days the righteous shall flourish, And abundance of peace, Until the moon is no more.

─ Psalm 72:6-7 NKJV

5 Ways to Experience a Shower of God’s Presence

Maybe you’re one of the people who found it easy not to take a shower, shave, wash your hair or even put on clothes that you’d consider worthy to wear in public. Perhaps you’re even guilty of going days without a shower, only to discover when you finally did take one, it made you feel better about yourself and your day.

What about the power of a spiritual shower? Do you need to immerse yourself in God’s presence? Spending time in God’s presence allows Him to shower you with His goodness, embrace you in His love, encourage you with His word and celebrate who He created you to be.

Our verse today promises God will come down like rain on the grass, providing moisture and everything needed to cause you to grow and flourish in His presence like the earth is nourished and brings forth fruit after spring rains.

Here are 5 ways to experience a shower of God’s presence:

  1. Hit the pause button, put your feet up for 15 minutes and turn your thoughts to God.
  2. Pray during your drive time; or in the shower as you get ready for your day at home.
  3. Freewrite in a journal whatever thoughts come into your mind as you think about God’s goodness.
  4. Open your Bible to the Psalms and pray one aloud.
  5. Sing along as you listen to praise music.

Today’s One Thing

Choose one of the five ways to experience a shower of God’s presence above and do it faithfully for the next seven days. At the end of the week take note of the difference it’s made and give God praise.

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