A Mother’s Love

If you had a godly mother, you can relate well to the following message. Moms should be given a gold star and held in the highest regard. She should be considered a Wonder Woman with magnificent, wonderful, brave, patient, nurturing, protective and loving attributes. If you had less than a godly mother, then the Lord knows and understands your heartaches. I

She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.
─ Proverbs 31:26 ESV

For those who are establishing a godly foundation as a mother, warm and loving snuggles in the evening and soft gentle touches are enduring moments a child never forgets. As you look back and remember times with your mother, perhaps you have fond memories of wonderful hugs, bedtime stories shared with you, drinking hot chocolate together during the winter season or drinking coffee together as you expressed challenges and she listened intently.

The comfort and safety you experienced strengthened your bond with each other and brought you to be the person you are today. If you didn’t have these types of experiences, it is God’s desire for you to start those traditions.

Mothers can be walking miracles. They juggle so many responsibilities and give every ounce of energy to their family and daily duties. Their loving teachings and expressions of kindness are nurturing to their children and their children’s friends. While every child has their creative energy and uniqueness, a mother’s love is never forgotten.

Amazing and wonderful are a mother’s love and teachings.

Our world and culture often sends mixed and confusing messages. Without question, godly mothers are strong, vibrant and prosperous women who strengthen a child’s character and compassion. They bring light in the darkest of times and smiles during the happiest moments. Their warmth and love are undeniable.

No matter what joys and hardships you have experienced, remember the Lord gave you a mother to love, to bless and pray for. You are God’s child, and He loves you dearly.

Today’s One Thing
Express your love to your mom by hugging her, writing her a note or telling her face-to-face how much you appreciate the energy, effort, love and time she has given you. If your mother is no longer residing on earth, or you didn’t experience a great childhood, praise God for your mother’s unique design and thank Him for guiding your footsteps daily.

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