An End to Division

I appeal to you, brothers…that all of you agree, and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be united.
—1 Corinthians 1:10

Two million Americans have never been to a major US city. One-in-four have never been to a national park. Almost 25 million Americans have never seen the ocean. Most of us don’t even know our neighbors across the street. No wonder we’re often so divided. How can we understand other perspectives when we don’t know the people?

Unity is often a bridge we are wary of crossing. So we stick to our tiny circles and remain divided.

But that’s not how Jesus ministered. He began by tackling division in a hostile environment separated by politics, class and race.

First, He assembled a team that came from all walks of life. A couple of illiterate fishermen. A doctor. A highly educated business man. A mixture of Judeans and Galileans, who didn’t think very highly of the other.

Next, He gave them a common goal. But before He sent them out to tell the world the Good News, He had them wander about the country with Him. For three years His little band was forced to live together, work together and suffer together. In the end these men with nothing in common became brothers willing to die for each other.

Just as the disciples learned to care for their brothers, we can all make steps to end division among believers. When we focus on Jesus and loving others as He does, walls begin to come down and lives start to change. Two thousand years ago, twelve men changed the world forever. Imagine what would happen if we all had the same singular focus—to see the Good News of Jesus Christ spread to every corner of the earth.

Today’s One Thing

Take the first step to end division. Welcome someone new to your community. Invite someone to church. One handshake at a time, we can continue the mission of Christ

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