Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you.

— Psalm 55:22

One morning, Jesse called his youngest son David in from the pastures. Jesse wanted David to go to the battlefield to check on his brothers. He loaded the boy down with supplies from home: grain, cheese, and bread. By the time David trudged into the Israelite army camp, his brothers had already taken their battle positions. Knowing he was too weighted down to fight, David shucked off his heavy load and left it with the keeper of the baggage. Carrying only his sling, David ran to join his brothers on the front line and defeated the giant.

David’s victory was found in his willingness to drop his load with the keeper of the baggage. To trust someone else to carry his burdens so he could fight the battle.

Do you ever feel that your ability to face today’s battle is burdened by yesterday’s emotional baggage? Is your heart a battered suitcase filled with a collection of past hurts and unresolved negative feelings? Are your hands full of regret?

Wouldn’t it be a huge relief if we could simply drop our burdens on someone else?

Good news: we can.

Christ is the keeper of our baggage. He invites us to drop our hurts and disappointments at His feet. In exchange, we receive forgiveness, peace, and a lightness of step. Now that yesterday’s burdens are His problem, we can charge into today’s war armed with the knowledge that we do not fight alone.

Today’s One Thing

Make a list of the burdens you carry. Read the story of David’s visit to the battle lines. Leave your burdens with the ultimate baggage keeper.


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