Be His Light and Shine Bright!

Anya couldn’t believe she stood beside her son’s bed holding his hand in a children’s hospital room. They’d come for an appointment. She never dreamed they would need to admit him. And while her five-year-old son fought four medical team members as they tried to take blood, he cried; she cried, and she knew they both felt so alone.

But the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, which shines brighter and brighter until full day.
─ Proverbs 4:18 ESV

Hours later, her son lay sleeping. As she thought about how they’d moved to a new town where they knew absolutely no one, her son’s nurse whispered as she walked into the room. “Uh, there’s someone in the waiting room to see you.”

“But I don’t know anyone,” Anya told him.

The nurse replied, “They said you didn’t know them, but they want to speak with you.”

Be the light that shines brighter and brighter into the lives of others.

Anya walked into the waiting room. A man she did not know stood before her smiling with a cozy blanket and two bags in his arms. “Are you Anya?” he asked. She nodded and he said, “I have some things for you.”

Anya’s expression on her face forced him to continue. “Someone emailed me and said you were at the hospital alone with your son. I’m the pastor of the church across the street from your house. They said you were alone, probably hadn’t eaten, and could be spending the night. I also brought some things to keep your son busy … activity books, a white board, markers, crayons … things like that.”

Anya couldn’t speak; but she knew God had sent this man to let her know she was never alone.

When has God asked you to be his hands and feet? The verse today compels you to be the light that shines brighter and brighter into the lives of others.

Today’s One Thing
Ask God to give you an opportunity to be a light to someone who needs to know He is always present in their lives. Then, when the Lord prompts you, don’t second guess His call, but jump out and obey Him.

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