Be the Light and Warmth of Jesus for Others

The Fall season brings beauty with an array of relaxing choices. Perhaps you enjoy looking at the colorful display of leaves as you adjust to the cooler outdoor temperatures. These changes may intrinsically promote the drinking of hot chocolate, while sitting by a backyard campfire and eating smores. As you invoke these wonderful campfire memories, are you the one who slightly stirs the fire, fans the flame or adds sticks to create more heat or light for the evening’s ambiance?

For this reason, I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands.

─ 2 Timothy 1:6 ESV

Metaphorically, Timothy, the man you can read about in 2 Timothy, was like a delightful evening campfire that provided beautiful warmth and light. He was young, sincere in his faith and belief in Jesus Christ. His grandmother and mother nurtured this warmth, light and belief in him as he grew up. As others watched him mature, they also could see his ambiance of faith. But Paul stoked the fire within Timothy.

Like a smoldering fire, Paul encouraged Timothy by reminding or fanning the flame within him to draw close to the warmth and light of Christ and to remind him the Lord called him for a holy purpose.

You are called for a holy purpose to let the light and warmth of Jesus Christ be seen and felt by others.

While the fall season helps create the mood for campfires and smores, the love of Christ is given to you to share all the time. Sharing occurs when you are confident enough to give others what you have and realize your abundance never diminishes. The Lord wants you to share His love with others. Perhaps this may be in the form of sharing hot chocolate, but it may also be in the form of listening, caring or providing wise counsel.

Pray for the opportunity to share and give to others. As you feel and see the beautiful fall season, may it stir the fire within you and remind you that you are called for a holy purpose.

Today’s One Thing

Be the encouragement others needed to fan their fire within. Ask God to give you opportunities throughout your day today!

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