Blessings Follow When You “Do”

We live one minute, one hour, one day, one meeting, one phone call and one crisis at a time. We do life one interaction at a time—one fight with our spouse or kids, one disappointment, one success, one experience.

Be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.
─ James 1:22 ESV

How you manage those “one things” as they come your way will determine the outcome of your life. To be a “doer” is to literally act out what God instructs you to do through His Word. James is saying to hear what God is speaking and then do that one thing He directs you to do. Blessings always follow those who are obedient to His truth.

Your life is lived at the speed of ONE THING at a time.

Think of your life like a chain-linked fence. Just as each link is connected to the next to form the fence, so the small “one things” in your life together make one big thing.

For example:

  • If you’re married, you dated for several months or years. You started with a hello that led to a kiss and then to marriage.
  • Or when it comes to finances, you started saving one week at a time 1%, 2%, 5% and that led to financial security today.
  • You made a decision at some point to start reading your Bible, and that commitment that you followed through to do day after day, brought you spiritual growth.

Life is full of challenges. You may be absolutely overwhelmed with what’s going on in your life right now. It begins by focusing on the “one thing” that you can do today and leave all the rest to God.

Today’s One Thing
What is something that you have intended to do for some time and you know God wants you to do it. What can you do right now to take a step toward doing it? Will you do it today?

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