Boldly Proclaim, Yes, He Will!

God led the Israelites in the desert as a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. Before they ever left Egypt, God performed miracles one after another to demonstrate His power and love for them. And yet, they struggled to believe that God would (or could) bring them to the promised land.

For this wonderful news—the message that God wants to save us—has been given to us just as it was to those who lived in the time of Moses. But it didn’t do them any good because they didn’t believe it. They didn’t mix it with faith.
─ Hebrews 4:2 TLB

But if we’re honest, we too have struggled to stand in faith, to trust God through difficult times. Like the Israelites, when we find ourselves in a desert place, we sometimes wish we could go back to what was.

Remember God’s miracles and refuse to let the present discomforts overshadow the reality of God’s promise.

Refuse to give up! Stay steady and keep walking with Him. God will do what He said. Trust Him and declare – Yes, He will!

God can and will rescue you, deliver you, comfort and keep you. He wants to save you. Don’t give up on His promise. Stand firm and believe that what He promised will happen in His perfect time.

Today’s One Thing
Are you at a place where you want to quit? You wish you could turn back? Don’t give up! Instead, imagine yourself where He said you will be. See yourself there by faith. Thank Him for carrying you through!

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