Breaking Free from the Need for Perfection

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”

─ John 8:36

“I can’t believe I was so off today,” Stephen complained to his friend Brett as they prepared to leave the police academy training and shooting range.

“You are way too hard on yourself,” Brett encouraged. “You’re at the top of our class in everything else and you’re near perfect with this. Give yourself a break!”

“You’re right,” Stephen confessed. “If I don’t find a way to get out of my head and stop overanalyzing it, it will affect my performance in other areas. And as you’ve noticed, it affects my relationships because I am no fun to be around when I’m obsessing over my performance.”

Brett smiled, “Give yourself some grace! God doesn’t expect you to be perfect and neither should you! I mean, sure, be the best you can be, but once you’ve done your best, let it go.”

“Yeah! It’s hard for me,” Stephen said. “I need to acknowledge my mistakes, note what I need to do next time, and move on.”

“There you go; you’re getting it,” Brett cheered, slapping his friend gently on the shoulder as they walked to their cars.

Perfection, here on earth, is an unattainable goal. We can rest in hope, knowing God desires for us to do and be our best through His grace.

Today’s One Thing

Are you a perfectionist? Do you make yourself “sick” overanalyzing the situation? Go to God today and ask for His help in breaking free from the need for perfection.



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