Breathing is a Super Power with Ellie Holcomb

In a recent conversation with singer-songwriter, Ellie Holcomb, she shared what she does when she’s having trouble seeing through all the noise. She said she discovered throughout 2020 that breathing is a superpower. “If you have had panic attacks or anxiety … I’m sorry because it feels like an elephant is literally standing on your chest. And so, I learned to start breathing.”

The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life.
─ Job 33:4 ESV

Ellie continued, “I started studying the breath of God, and I found an article that Jason Gray wrote.”

In the article he talks about Moses’ encounter with God at the burning bush, where he asks God by what name should I tell Pharoah to let your people go?

“The Hebrew name God gave Moses, when you pronounce it, it literally sounds like breath. And so it’s been such a beautiful thing.”

Let breathing be your superpower as you lean into God with breath.

Ellie shared, “My husband got really sick a couple of years ago, and I remembered driving to the hospital. I couldn’t breathe. I was making wrong turns and thinking, ‘I’m not even going to get to the hospital’ I was so panicked.”

She made a conscious decision to start deep breathing. Ellie said, “It’s a massive gift to just lean into the peace of knowing that God is with us in every moment, in every breath. We’re saying His name, and He hears us call His name.”

No matter how many times you make a mistake or forget God’s faithfulness, you can take a deep breath – use your superpower. God has given you an open invitation to rest in His love and let Him carry you through each moment.

Today’s One Thing
Call on God today about the things that concern you. Each time you say His name, breathe in His peace, breathe out all your stress.

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