Choose the Ultimate Light of Scripture

Christmas lights have adorned neighborhoods for centuries. Even before electricity and the light bulb, candles were placed in Christmas trees to illuminate the art of the handcrafted ornaments. The candlelight shined out of the windows of homes.

Jesus is the Word of God. He was with God in the beginning and was made flesh to walk among God’s people. (See John 1:1-18.) Jesus called Himself the Light of the world.

“I have come into the world as light, so that whoever believes in me may not remain in darkness.”

– John 12:46 ESV

Jesus is the light that brings God’s presence, God’s protection and God’s Truth, found in Scripture.

Choose to make God’s Word your highest priority, the ultimate light of your life.

But you must invite Him to be the light of your world. The light you choose determines what you see. Other lights exist, but that can never fully illuminate your soul. If you’re going to live the life God intends for you, it needs to come from a scriptural basis.

Without Scripture as the ultimate light; you really can’t have an intentional life in Christ. Since the fall of man, the world continued to grow darker. The evil of this world can never overcome the light and life that comes from relationship with God through his Son, Jesus.

Today’s One Thing

When you follow the True Light, you can avoid falling into sin and darkness. The truth of God’s Word lights the path He desires for you (Psalm 119:105).

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