Coaching for Christ

Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.

─ 1 Corinthians 11:1 NIV

Coaching for Christ

Dex, who owned a local auto body repair shop, had been known to drink too much, cuss and tell inappropriate jokes. Instead of attending church with his wife and children—he hung out each Sunday morning at his small community donut shop drinking coffee and exaggerating about his own great adventures when he was younger.

Days before his daughter gave birth to his first grandson, he began to ask his daughter questions about God and faith. The next Sunday morning, Dex was missing from his place in line at the donut shop. He had found his place next to his family in church. At the close of the service, he went forward and asked Jesus to change his heart and life. He became a member of the church and went with his family — not just Sundays but Wednesday nights too.

His buddies noticed a difference over the next few months. Dex cleaned up his language and stopped telling inappropriate jokes. He even did his best not to add to his stories. One by one, his friends came to him and asked, “What changed?” To which Dex replied, “I want to set the right example for my grandson. I want to follow Christ so that if he follows in my footsteps, I’ll know I’ve helped point him to God.”

It’s important to coach and mentor others in their faith. None of us get where we’re going alone. Just as you probably heard someone else’s story or had the opportunity to walk alongside mentors God has brought into your life, make sure that you give back with an example for others to follow.

Today’s One Thing

Is there someone the Lord has put on your heart to help grow in faith? Ask the Lord to show you how you can make yourself available to them as a friend, coach and mentor.

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