Crave God

Your soul longs to be with the Lord.

My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When shall I come and appear before God?
─ Psalms 42:2 ESV

Have you experienced moments when you’re fidgety and unconsciously you don’t know why, but you find yourself turning on music? You realize there isn’t any resolve – you’re still fidgety. Instead of music, you stop by your local tea or coffee shop and purchase your favorite drink. You take your first sip, and you realize your drink and possibly the music you were listening to aren’t bringing you the satisfaction you expected.

Your soul needs the Lord for inward satisfaction.

During those fidgety moments, your soul is thirsting to be with the Lord. This thirst can be quenched by silencing the distractions and beginning a prayerful conversation with God. You may want to make your declarations of praise and thankfulness out loud.

When you spend time with God, your soul will always be satisfied – praising, praying and listening are key to quenching a thirsty soul and being nourished.

Today’s One Thing

Jesus is the living water (read John 7: 37-39). Quench your soul’s thirst and need for God by immediately saying, “Thank you, Father,” and let your conversation begin with the Lord.

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