Created for Relationship

So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.

─ 1 Thessalonians 5:11 NLT

Created for Relationship

God created us to be in relationship with Him and the people around us. Since our entire lives are lived out in the context of relationships, it is vital that we become successful in all of our interactions with others. If we don’t intentionally nurture our relationships, they can easily become distant or strained.

Sometimes our relationships with those we love most—our spouses, our children or close circle of friends—are not as strong as they could be. And when that’s the case, we are not able to live life to the fullest and enjoy the people God has purposefully put in our lives.

Here are some ONE THINGS you can do to build successful relationships:

  • Be patient when someone needs to tell you their story.
  • Be tender when someone has hurt feelings.
  • Apologize right away when you speak in anger.
  • Confirm you love and support others by what you say and what you do.
  • Be honest—without judgment.
  • Remain always ready to forgive.

Today’s One Thing

Think about one of your relationships you’d like to strengthen. Review the list of ONE THINGS above. Connect with that person and set a time on your schedule with them so you can practice a few of the ONE THINGS above.

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