Don’t Step in the Mud

Look straight ahead; don’t even turn your head to look. Watch your step. Stick to the path and be safe. Don’t sidetrack; pull back your foot from danger.

─ Proverb 4:25-27 TLB

Adrienne picked up her pace. She was thankful for the warm front after all the chilly rain. Every evening she did her best to get 10,000 steps in; she seemed to feel better physically and emotionally if she could get a good hour of exercise every other day.

Her head was full. So many different thoughts shouted at her – work, school, family. Somehow the exercise usually helped her clear it all out. Distracted by her thoughts, she wasn’t paying attention to the path in front of her, but instead looked back to see if anyone was coming up behind her.

Suddenly she felt her left foot slide across a muddy patch on the sidewalk, where the dirt had washed over into her path. For a few seconds she thought she was going down, but she was able to maintain balance.

Wisdom from our verse today encourages us to watch where we’re going, to fix our eyes on the path before us, with fixed purpose and to ignore life’s distractions. When we become sidetracked, we miss a step and take a detour that leads to darkness.

Keep your eyes on the path God has set before you today. Follow His lead and refuse to become distracted.

Today’s One Thing

What things are distracting you today? Are you too busy? Too tired of the challenges of life? Identify the distractions and then reset your focus today by spending time in prayer and listening to Him. Allow Him to lead you today.

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