Echoes of Truth

For the stone will cry out from the wall, and the beam from the woodwork respond.

Habakkuk 2:11 

In the heart of India sits an imposing mausoleum called Gol Gumbaz. And inside Gol Gumbaz is chamber known as the whispering gallery. Through a feat of architecture, even whispered words in this space are echoed back seven to ten times.

Echoes fascinate us. As children we called into ravines, searching for the reverberating sound of our voice. Some even travel to famous destinations like Yucatan, Mexico, to find unique echoes, like the sound of chirping birds from a simple clap of the hands.

But the most important echo is how the New Testament echoes the words of the Old. In Scripture we find Old Testament prophecies fulfilled in the Gospels. Even Jesus quoted ancient scriptures about himself—pointing out that he fulfilled prophecies from Isaiah. These echoes of truth reflect God’s messages and confirm they are for all people. What was whispered to the Jews in the Old Testament has been carried to the entire world in the New Testament.

We too echo Scriptures when we repeat and share them. But first we must know them. This requires spending time in the Word of God. We must know Jesus to be like Him and follow His example. And if we choose not to, Habakkuk reminds us that even “the stone will cry out.”

Today’s One Thing

Be an echo of Truth today. Speak into the lives of those around you with the Word.

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